This book is the combined lecture notes of my course IE-231 Introduction to Probability at Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey. You can find the original lecture notes and archives here. As the name suggests, these notes consist of an abbreviated version of the course as the objective is to give the essence of very significant parts of Probability. The course mainly follows (Walpole et al. 2012).

This book is periodically updated. Latest update is on 2018-05-09.

About the Author

The author of this book is Berk Orbay. I am the co-founder of Algopoly, a data science firm specialized on large scale forecasting problems, and a part-time academic (yes, still writing papers). My PhD was about pricing financial options with multiple models. I taught or am currently teaching Introduction to Probability, Computational Finance, Business Analytics and Essentials of Data Analysis courses.


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Walpole, Ronald E., Raymond H. Myers, Sharon L. Myers, and Keying Ye. 2012. Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists. 9th ed. Boston, MA: Pearson.