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Last updated on 2020-10-05.


Courses Given

This page provides a chronological view of the courses/significant workshops I have given or collaborated with other people, until this day. Almost every course have some online materials somewhere (mostly in GitHub).

So, not only do I provide a mere timeline, but also I am giving you a map of all those resources.

BDA503 - Data Analytics Essentials

Big Data Analytics Graduate Program

MEF University

2020 - 2017

IE48A - Special Topics in Essentials of Data Analysis

Industrial Engineering

Bogazici University


  • Summer Term undergraduate/graduate mixed course on data analysis.

ETM58D - Data Analytics Essentials

Engineering and Technology Management Graduate Program

Bogazici University


R ile Veri Analizi

Akademik Bilişim

Akademik Bilişim

2018 - 2016

IE231 - Introduction to Probability

Industrial Engineering Department

Bilgi University, Istanbul

2018 - 2017

  • Multi term undergraduate course. Spring 2018 was the last semester. Course Archive: Fall 2017, Spring 2017
  • Covered basic probability concepts, conditional probabilities, Bayes’ Rule, fundamentals of well known discrete & continuous distributions, correlation & covariance, and briefly Markov Chains.
  • Actually written a book (kinda) for this course with bookdown. Book of Prob

BUS 432 - Business Analytics

Business Administration Department

MEF University, Istanbul


  • BA undergraduate Spring semester course.

MGMT 536/556 - Data Analysis with R

MBA Graduate Progam

MEF University, Istanbul


FE522 - Computational Finance

Financial Engineering Graduate Program

Bogazici University


  • Fall Term graduate course on quantitative finance. Assisted Prof. Refik Güllü on R parts.
  • Side note: He was also my PhD advisor. My participation took place in just the semester after my PhD. He is also an amazing academic and a marvellous person.
  • Covered R basics, Monte Carlo simulation, option pricing and term structures.